Okay, here’s the important part of the prep work. We’ll need your room measurements to prepare an estimate for the project. Be as accurate as you can when measuring and be sure to include all walls, windows, and doors.

Measuring Tips:


  1. Draw a rough outline of your kitchen.
  2. Measure your first wall from corner to corner and write the measurement in inches.
  3. Measure the wall again, this time from one corner to the edge of the molding of the first window (or door) opening.
  4. Measure across the window or door opening (including molding).
  5. Measure from the window or door’s molding to the far wall. (If there is another opening in this wall, repeat steps 3 & 4).
  6. Make sure the total of measurements from steps 3-5 equal your first wall measurement.
  7. Repeat for all walls. Note half walls and pass-throughs (both length and height).

Windows & Doors:

  1. Measure from floor to bottom edge of window sill molding.
  2. Measure from sill to top of window molding.
  3. Measure from top of window molding to the ceiling.
  4. Measure from floor to ceiling (do this in 2-3 places along the wall for greatest accuracy).
  5. For doors, measure from the floor to the top of the molding, then from the top of the molding to the ceiling.
  6. Measure width of door (including molding). Indicate which way the door swings.

Other Layout Considerations:

  • Indicate the location and measurements of your sink and any other
  • fixtures that will stay where they are now.
  • Indicate where you would like your appliances.
  • Measure all appliances and list them on your drawing (this is very important as the cabinets are put in place around these fixtures).
  • Verify all your measurements for accuracy.